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Parachute instructor rescues passenger from tandem jump – and dies

Tragic story from Australia: When one jumps, none of the umbrellas open properly, two people fall. One passenger survives – because the flight instructor turns out to be a hero.

A parachute instructor Australia One jumped and died and probably saved the life of his guest. The dramatic crash happened in Torquay, Victoria: Australian media reported on Monday that after jumping off the plane, the main screen or alternate screen did not open properly.

During the impact, experienced tandem master Aaron Dofer gained full strength, protecting the 50-year-old passenger, as explained by “The Australian” newspaper. According to reports, he must have positioned himself to make an impact on the guest. Doofer, 35, died at the scene.

The passenger was treated at the hospital with fractures, hip fractures and bleeding from the spleen and kidneys. The parachute instructor, described by his colleagues as “highly qualified” and completed an average of six to eight jumps a week, was celebrated as a hero in Australia. It was not immediately clear how the crash happened. Officials said the background should be examined in detail.