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Papaplatte burns Canada?  Yes, according to Survival Mattin

Papaplatte burns Canada? Yes, according to Survival Mattin

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The 7 vs. Wild contestants will be heading to Canada in a few weeks. Survival Mattin has now ranked all teams in the Tier List.

British Columbia, Canada – Season 3 of 7 Against the Wild was not long in coming. In Canada, 7 teams, including survival experts, YouTubers, streamers and TV stars, will embark on a 14-day adventure of enduring wildlife bravery. Candidate Mateen, known from the first season, will team up with Fritz Meinecke. In a recent live broadcast, he rated the season with three contestants. Papaplatte has never done so well.

Title 7 vs. wild season 3
episodes unknown
production Fritz Meinecke
participant 14
Type Survival Challenge, Jungle, Wild
appearance YouTube web series

7 against Wild: Participants rated: Papaplatte could ‘ignite Canada’

Seventh place – Papaplatte and ReezeFar behind in last place in the Mateen standings is the team consisting of Papaplatte and Reeze. Especially when it comes to Papaplatte, Mattin hasn’t left a good hair. “Papaplatte believes that nature is a shopping mall and everything is prescribed for him.”

Furthermore, Mateen was shocked by the burn Papaplatte had suffered during the barbecue. “Papaplatte will either set Canada, himself, or his friend on fire.” Mattin left his teammate Reeze alone because he didn’t know him. According to Mateen, the underdog team would have won if it only lasted two days. However, streamers Papaplatte and Reeze are seventh in his ranking.

7 Against Wild: Papaplatte “Either Canada or himself on fire” © Instagram: Papaplatte

Fifth place – Trimax and RomathraMateen finished sixth in his ranking. Rather, there is a common fourth place. Twitch Streamer Trimax and Romathra finished fifth. According to Mattin, Trymacs “has the balls” to pull off the challenge.

Mattin gave Trymacs credit for actually being in the boxing ring against MckyTV. Meanwhile, he identified Rumathra as a weakness, but also admitted that he didn’t know much about him. Funnily enough, Rumathra was already in the boxing ring and won a duel against Vlesk easily.

Fourth place – Knusi and Sasha Huber: Knusi and Sasha Huber in fourth place. The two companions from Season 2 were able to last the entire runtime on their own. You can see that the two are fighters, but Mateen has doubts about the two’s ability to work as a team.

Influencer Knosi and Sasha Huber in 7 vs. Wild
Season 7 vs. Wild Season 3: Knossi and Sascha with a brief – “Everything is different on location” © Instagram: Sascha Huber / Imago / 7 vs. Wild Wild (Montage)

A “creator team,” is what Mateen Knossi and Sascha Huber call him, because he suspects the two will have much to do with each other off the cameras. Since the two have only known each other since last year, Mateen rightly questions the team skills of Knossi and Sascha Huber.

Fourth place – Hannah and the monkey on the bike: Wild card contestants Hana Assil and Avi Auf Pike are also tied for fourth. While Mattin can’t judge Hannah, he has already watched a few clips from Affe auf Bike, including on TikTok. Homesickness doesn’t seem to be a problem for the travel guru. How the two will fare in the wilderness remains to be seen. However, a monkey recognized the bike from a bear beforehand.

7 vs. Wild: Rated participants: These are the favourites

Third place – children of nature: YouTuber Naturensöhne earned a respectable third place in the Mattin ranking. The survival expert credits the two for their solidarity. “They’ve known each other since kindergarten,” Mateen also hinted at the friendship between Andy and Gerrit.

But for Mateen, Andy didn’t make a good character in Oceanwarrior. He found Andy’s potentially low motivation throughout Season 3 of 7 Against the Wild to be problematic. There may also be a crisis if Gerrit “hasn’t eaten anything,” says Mateen.

Second place – Fritz Meinecke and Matin: Mateen sits in a modest second place with teammate Fritz Meeneke. The biggest plus for the two YouTube survival experts is their friendship, which has been around for a decade without any major arguments.

The two influencers are Survival Mattin and Fritiz Meinecke
Season 7 vs Wild Season 3: Fritz Meinecke and Suvival Mattin © / (Edit)

Mattin has been open and honest about his and Fritz’s role in Season 3 of 7 Against the Wild. So only the two of them can lose as they each expect to survive for 14 days. An earlier termination would be fatal. Mateen sees weaknesses in the team due to his growing affection for himself. Fritz’s empty stomach is also crucial, because then the inventor of 7 vs. Wild becomes “obnoxious”.

1st place – Joy Kelly and Andreas Keeling: Mateen sees television greats Joey Kelly and Andreas Keeling as favorites to win. Even if he himself does not know anything about the music of the Kelly family, he greatly appreciates the “legends” from German television.

Andreas Kieling in particular impresses with his past survival achievements and his contributions, among other things, to Terra X. Even the almost fatal bear attack didn’t stop Kieling from participating in the 7 vs. Wild.

According to Matty, the only negative points about the TV team could be their advanced age and the fact that the two don’t know each other very well yet. “Probably the holidays,” Mateen said of Joey Kelly and Andreas Keeling’s 14-day 7 vs. Wild.