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Papa Thomas defends himself against the hateful accusations

Papa Thomas defends himself against the hateful accusations

The idea for a “Royal Celebrity Tour of Los Angeles and Montecito”? The photographer and organizer of the trip, Carl Larsen, is said to have inherited it from Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, 79.

“I spoke to Thomas about the tour and he said it seemed like a very good idea,” said Larsen.

Thomas Markle does not want to know anything about this. And as the English newspaper “Daily Mail” reported, Meghan Markle’s father now means this.

“I never gave Carl Larsen permission to tour anywhere. I am not involved in any way.”

Thomas’s son, Markle Jr., is also protective of his ailing father.

“Under no circumstances would my father have approved of such an embarrassing and cheesy idea,” he says. “Joining a bus tour company with Carl Larsen, which he didn’t even know existed.”

The newspaper also quoted a friend. He is also sure that Thomas Markle would not have come up with such an intoxicating idea.

“The allegation that Tom was involved in this vulgar run-in is 100 percent false. This is what pissed Tom off.”

And further: “There is no truth in it. He would never give his name to such a thing.”