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panorama.  Rinast turns right, Bachmann charms her lover and plays Reuteler in front of a record crowd.

panorama. Rinast turns right, Bachmann charms her lover and plays Reuteler in front of a record crowd.

Geraldine Reutler plays the final against Bayern Munich.

stone key

In the Women’s Super League, GC won the eagerly awaited derby against FCZ and remains flawless. Meanwhile, in Germany and the United States, people are delighted with public records.

Rinast performs magic in the derby

In the third round of the AXA Women’s Super League, GC beat FCZ 2: 0. Rachel Renast made the highlight of the round with a straight corner kick to make the score 1-0. This is the second consecutive defeat for the FCZ doubles winners. Already on Wednesday things are again dangerous for them in the Champions League qualifier in the first leg against SFK 2000 Sarajevo.

Serft rolling over Rabbit

In addition to the GC, Servette FC Chênois Féminin is still without a loss in points. Against Rapperswil-Jonah, the Geneva Ladies were already 3-0 ahead after just over half an hour, so the promoted women were still well served. With a score of 4-0, Monica Soria Amarel takes advantage of a blackout via Rapperswil goalkeeper Fiona Flühler.

Basel celebrates its first victory

After two draws, Basel celebrated their first victory over Everdon Sport, who are still goalless and goalless. The 36-year-old Croatian Kristina Sundov scored 1-0 in the third minute, eight minutes after the second half, German Nia Szynic, who was half her life, scored 2-0. Belgian Cassandra Missibo puts the last point.

St. Galen boosts morale and celebrates victory

FC Aarau Frauen is also still without points. Sarah Nelson put the visiting team ahead twice against St. Gallen (1:0 and 2:1), but in the end they lost 2:3 after a late double hit. 17-year-old Jewel Fabian Dorg, who came on as a substitute 12 minutes ago, scored 2-2 in the 87th minute. Karen Burnett scored the last point in overtime.

YB celebrates his victory بعيد

The YB Women actually played against Lucerne on Wednesday and were the only team to celebrate an away win. The match was won by 20-year-old Mallory Granges, who scored twice in a 3-2 win.

Women's Premier League schedule
Women’s Premier League table after the third match day.


Spectator records in Germany and USA

In Germany, the ecstasy of EM extended to the daily life of the league. More than 23,000 spectators watched the opening match of the German Football League between Frankfurt and Bayern Munich at Waldstadion in Frankfurt. The previous maximum was 12,000. “It was a historic day for women’s football and also for us at Eintracht Frankfurt,” Frankfurt coach Nico Arnautis said after the match. However, the fans do not see any goals, the match ends 0: 0. Swiss player Nati Geraldine Reutler plays for the home team.

200,000 watched the latest match on TV at Eurosport. The free TV presenter shows a German Bundesliga match every Friday. Last season, an average of 100,000 people watched 22 broadcasts.

September 16, 2022, Hessen, Frankfurt/Main: Football, Women: Bundesliga, Eintracht Frankfurt-Bayern Munich, first round, Deutsche Bank Park.  Players play in front of spectators.  Photo: Sebastian Gollnow / dpa - IMPORTANT NOTE: In accordance with the requirements of the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga or DFB Deutscher Fußball-Bund, it is prohibited to take pictures on the field and/or the game in the form of photo sequences and/or sequences of video-like images that you exploit or exploit.  +++ dpa picture radio +++ (KEYSTONE / DPA / Sebastian Gollnow)
22,300 spectators watched the match between Frankfurt and Bayern.

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Fans also flocked to the stadium in droves for the Women’s National Football League. 32,000 fans watch the match at the newly built Snapdragon Stadium between San Diego Wave and Angel City FC (1-0). The old viewer recorded 25,218 sightings. The only goal of the match was scored by 17-year-old Jayden Shaw.

Ramona Bachmann celebrates her loved ones

Finally, a gratifying moment for all those who love the comic…