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Palisades-Tahoe Giant Slalom – Odermatt Wins Again – The Big Ball Can No Longer Be Taken From Him – Sports

Palisades-Tahoe Giant Slalom – Odermatt Wins Again – The Big Ball Can No Longer Be Taken From Him – Sports


Marco Odermatt also hits the giant slalom at Palisades Tahoe and is the overall World Cup winner.


  • 1. Marco Odermatt 2:11.69 minutes
  • 2. Henrik Kristoffersen (Norway) +0.12 seconds
  • 3. Radamus River (USA) +1.37

It's a show of strength like no other: Marco Odermatt can no longer be eliminated from first place in the overall World Cup with just a month to go before the end of the season.

Thanks to his victory in the Palisades-Tahoe giant slalom – his 10th consecutive major race – he now has a total of 1,702 points. Manuel Feller, who finished eighth, is exactly 1,001 points behind. Mathematically, the Austrian is no longer able to overtake Nidwalden in the remaining ten races (all disciplines combined).

The same applies to Cyprien Sarrazin (1,018 points behind him) and Vincent Krechmeier (1,035). Odermatt completed the hat-trick: he won the big crystal ball in 2022 and 2023.

Tough demands from Kristofferson

Even the unusual snowy conditions at the California ski resort couldn't slow Odermatt down. The only person who was able to keep up with the dominant one of the season was Henrik Christophersen in both races. Thanks to a strong final stretch, Odermatt saved 12 hundredths of a second from the Norwegian at the finish line. River Radamus, who celebrated his first podium appearance in third place, had already lost 1.37 seconds.

Odermatt isn't quite sure yet about the small-ball World Cup discipline in giant slalom. If all goes as normal, that should change next Friday, when the first of two giant slalom races takes place in Aspen. With four races yet to be completed, his lead over chaser Filip Zubcic (failure in race two at Palisades Tahoe) is 386 points. Apart from the Croatian, no driver had any chance of intercepting Odermatt.

The other Swiss in points

  • 4. Thomas Tummler +1.50
  • 5. Gino Caviezel +1.77
  • 6. Loic Millard +1.82
  • 12. Justin Morisier +2.49
  • 14. Livio Simonet +2.56
  • 23. Vadri Janutin +3.29

In Odermatt's wake, his teammates also had impressive performances. Six reached the second round. With the exception of Justin Morisier, everyone improved their ranking. Thomas Tumler, Gino Caviezel and Loic Millard formed a Swiss trio directly behind the podium. A nice success, especially for Tummler and Caviezel: they both achieved their best result of the season.

And this is how it continues

On Sunday it was the turn of the Pole Artists in Palisades Tahoe. You can watch the first round of the slalom live on SRF Info and in the Sport app from 6:50pm (round two: 9:50pm on the SRF two & Sport app). The technicians will then travel to Aspen, where there will be two giant slalom races next Friday and Saturday and a slalom race on Sunday.

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