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Palace announces changes in her life

Palace announces changes in her life

Still control! But it will be more airy in the future Queen Elizabeth II appointment calendar.

The basics in brief

  • Queen Elizabeth II has not officially retired yet.
  • But the palace is now redistributing a large number of its tasks.

all new? Not quite, but a little!

Because, as the English newspaper “The Telegraph” reported, the life of Queen Elizabeth II (96) should change radically in the next few months. To the positive in the direction of retirement.

Of course, the Queen will not officially retire. However, it is said that she will gradually reduce her duties over the next few months and hand them over to her family.

The palace has redefined the role of the Queen!

Referring to the most recent financial report, it can be read that some of the previous mandatory dates, such as the official opening of Parliament, have been cancelled.

On this date, Queen Elizabeth II, for example, was her son and future heir to the throne Prince Charles (73) represented.

Despite the low schedule, the king is still described as an inspiration for a “unified national identity”, as well as “continuity and stability”.

There will also be changes to official royal visits in the future. From the “Queen’s programme” public visits are now exchanged to the Royal programme.

Should Queen Elizabeth II slowly but surely retire?

“The Queen will be assisted by other members of the royal family assuming official duties on behalf of Her Majesty,” palace officials said.

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