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Paint damage: Qatar Airways and Airbus have settled their dispute over the A350

It was about prestige and a lot of money. After more than a year and a half, the airline from Qatar and the aircraft manufacturer have ended their dispute over damage to the paintwork of the Airbus A350.

It was a stubborn struggle and it lasted. But now the Gulf airline and the aircraft manufacturer have settled their dispute over the A350. “Qatar Airways and Airbus are pleased to have reached an amicable and amicable settlement in their dispute over the damage to the A350 deck and the grounding of the A350,” the two sides said early Wednesday evening (February 1).

“A repair project is already underway and the parties look forward to getting the aircraft safely back in the air.” Details are confidential and both parties will now discontinue their legal claims. “The settlement agreement is not an admission of responsibility for either party,” she said. “This agreement allows Qatar Airways and Airbus to work together again as partners,” he added.

There were huge claims for damages in the room

According to information from Reuters, French President Emmanuel Macron and President of the State of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani exchanged views on the dispute between the two companies in the past few weeks. Because the conflict was about reputation and a lot of money.

The airline is asking Airbus for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to the paintwork of the Airbus A350, in exchange for the aircraft manufacturer’s claim of $220 million in damages. The case was to be heard before the High Court of Justice in London.

Documents must be provided by Qatar Airways

Golf Airlines claimed – But it was not documented until January – The Qatar Aviation Authority has instructed it to stop operating 22 Airbus A350 aircraft and withdraw the long-haul aircraft certificate. This happened, according to the airline, because a layer of paint over copper braid used for lightning protection cracked, blistered, and peeled.

Airbus has given in The feud began in the summer of 2021, always acknowledged the shortcomings, but stressed that the problem does not mean that airworthiness is restricted nor does it pose a safety risk. Other operators, such as Finnair and Lufthansa, have also reported paint damage on the A350. However, none of them expressed concern like Qatar Airways.