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PAC-MAN celebrates its birthday with announcements and an anniversary song – ntower tower

The yellow champion celebrated yesterday backman It’s his birthday and Bandai Namco Entertainment has made some announcements for the gaming icon. Initially, the release date of Pac-Man Museum + Featuring over 14 classics from the PAC-MAN series. The game will be released later this week May 27 to Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

Regardless, as of June 2, a cooperation between It is an electronic game And the yellow hero, PAC-MAN cosmetic items will be available. There is also a newly released song called “We are PAC-MAN!” , which you can check here:

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do you live in Berlin Or are you currently staying there, a train decorated with PAC-MAN from U5 . line meet. This was developed in collaboration with Berliner Computer Games Museum It was created and looks like this:

© Bandai Namco Entertainment

For more information, see the press release below.

What memories do you have with PAC-MAN?

Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment press release, YouTube (Official PAC-MAN)