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Ozzy Osbourne returns to the UK due to LA taxes

Ozzy Osbourne returns to the UK due to LA taxes

According to the English “Mirror” message. To clear Ozzy Osbourne And his wife and manager Sharon Osborne left their adopted Los Angeles home. From now on, the couple wants to live in Great Britain again. This is because of the rising taxes in California. In particular, the Osbournes will be staying at their Welders House in Buckinghamshire.

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“We’re leaving for Los Angeles”Ozzy Osborne said. “We’re a little sad, but the lines are too much. I’m sad because I really want to be there and live. If the lines are good again, I’ll probably come back. I do not know. But I’ll take my recording studio with me. I’m going to set up a studio in Welders. According to Sharon, he and Ozzy bought the property in 1993 from special effects John Steers, primarily due to its remote location.

The U.S. federal tax is currently 28 percent. However, in California, Ozzy Osborne has an additional 13 percent state tax payable on all of its income. The 73-year-old said he had been undergoing psychotherapy for three years. His Parkinson’s disease, epidemiology and recent activities have had a devastating effect on his mental health. “I ‘ve got a therapist for the last three years. When I was a kid in the UK you would not go to a therapist because they thought you’re crazy. But okay. You’re not stupid to go to the therapist. But you’re stupid if you do not go.

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