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Ozil's comment in Fenerbahce Istanbul - Moving to the USA?

Ozil’s comment in Fenerbahce Istanbul – Moving to the USA?

Fenerbahce Istanbul has banned former national player Mesut Ozil from the squad for an indefinite period.Photo: Photo Alliance / PhotoShot

Mesut Ozil faces a sudden exit from Fenerbahce Istanbul. The 2014 soccer world champion was left out of the Turkish First Division club’s squad, the club announced on Thursday. The same applies to his colleague Ozan Tufan. According to the sports newspaper “Fanatic”, the decision was taken indefinitely.

“Our first players, Mesut Ozil and Ozan Tofan, were excluded from the squad by decision,” Fener announced briefly on social media without giving any reasons for the decision.

Ozil’s move from Arsenal to Fenerbahce in early 2021 was greeted with glee by the club’s big fans. After a few months, disappointment with his performance was already high. Club president Ali Koç said in an interview in November that Ozil should finally focus on his work.

“He needs to put his business affairs aside and focus on how best to contribute to Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce President Ali Koç Ali Mesut Ozil

There were several reports of unrest between Ozil and Fenerbahce. Recently, the club dismissed speculation that Ozil does not want to play due to unpaid salaries. The club said that the corresponding reports “have nothing to do with the truth.” She added that after a switch, a dispute arose between the 33-year-old and coach Ismail Kartal.

Ozil is believed to be aiming for an early move to the United States. His contract in Istanbul runs until 2024.