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Overwatch 2: First beta in April, PvP and PvE will separate

Overwatch 2: First beta in April, PvP and PvE will separate

Today Blizzard Entertainment finally got news about Overwatch 2 again – and that news was satisfying in the first place: The first beta testing phase should begin in a few weeks.

From today it happens in Monitor 2 A closed alpha testing phase has already taken place, Blizzard Entertainment has now confirmed. In select regions, Blizzard staff, Overwatch League professionals, and a few other hand-picked players are pre-testing PvP here in preparation for broader testing.

Such a broader test won’t take long, because as the company also confirmed, the first PvP beta on PC should take place in some regions at the end of April. This closed beta will then allow a larger group of testers to provide valuable gameplay feedback to Blizzard. The goal of this testing phase is to try out new features, content, and systems before the servers subsequently undergo stress tests.

The first PvP beta will include a 5v5 mode with a new hero, Sojourn. You can play on four new maps, otherwise the new push mode and new ping system will be on board. Existing heroes have been reworked for the sequel. Registrations for this beta testing phase are possible via the official website; The additions will be distributed in waves by a blizzard.

Away from the beta announcement, there was also other news: The release strategy for the main game has been tweaked so that Blizzard is now separating the PvP and PvE components of Overwatch 2 from each other. This should allow the PvP part to appear earlier than initially planned, while the team then refines the competitive phase variant.

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