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Overlord for Stellaris: Console version available

Paradox Interactive released today overlordan extension of Stellaris: console version for Xbox and PlayStation. overlordthe expansion focused on new Empire management features, including features that range from specialized Minion interactions to powerful new megastructures, is part of Stellaris expansion pass 5.

Advantages overlord-extension*:

  • Referees set the rules:

With new mechanics for vassals, roles for additional subjects can be selected – players can create new niche empires that evolve into economic superpowers, military specialists, and technological innovators. They negotiate or demand treaties and agreements among their vassals to determine the future of dozens of worlds, and reap the benefits!

  • They shall be led by the brightest stars:

Players can locate and reunite shattered empires! Across the vast galaxies, they will encounter other unique enclaves, ranging from the mysterious Shroud Walkers to military mercenaries to rogue rescue workers. They can be used to create mutually beneficial relationships to secure their unique services, or they can be forcibly subject to one’s rule.

  • Five new assets:
    • imperial fief – Starting with a specialized ruler, you may one day rule the entire galaxy.
    • With a star slingshot – The decaying remains of a quantum catapult have been discovered nearby – what mysteries would you uncover if you were smart enough to reactivate them?
    • Underground – A type adapted to life underground, excelling in mining and archeology. Now it’s time to find out what awaits them beyond the roof!
    • Hijab teacher – By evolving in contact with the curious psyche known as Shroud Walkers, your own empire has learned a lot about mind expansion!
    • predecessor swarm – With the right leadership, the empire of the human mind can achieve more than ever before… But without the right leadership, Hive will collapse.
  • Planning for the future and manifestations of strength:
    • New technological advances give the Empire the edge it needs to become the dominant power across the galaxy.
    • Orbital rings expand influence (in addition to defensive capabilities) and increase displays of power from your home planet far out into space.
    • Superior relays allow your fleets to get on their way faster than ever before.
    • Quantum Catapults offer players new ways to strike back faster into the galaxies while simultaneously projecting force, though it’s a perilous journey for the fleet with no way back.
  • Four new tracksBeing inspired to rise to greatness.

More details about overlord be in Stellaris– Forum at: More information about Stellaris Is there: