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Over 100,000 electric cars in beta testing FSD>

Ahead of the big face-to-face interview at last week’s Ted 2022 conference in Canada, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had another conversation with the same broker at the new Gigafactory in Texas (see photo). This has now also been published by the organization and contains, among other things, new data from the Tesla chief on pilot testing progress with the FSD Autopilot program for autonomous driving – and up-to-date old data.

Musk is cautiously confident in FSD

Chris Anderson, founder and presenter of TED, politely indicated to Musk in the interview published Monday that he had been expecting since 2016 that It’s possible that Tesla will have self-driving in the same year or a year later Control yourself. He wanted to know why there were so many false starts here of all places. Musk said Tesla has repeatedly encountered a homegrown Optima that only became apparent in the past. But 2022 should be a really good time: “I think this is the year,” the CEO explained.

So nothing has changed in that regard, and Musk himself admitted he might be wrong again: “Maybe in a year’s time we’ll sit here and say, OK, another year’s gone and it hasn’t.” before his confident statement. When the moderator commented that some of the videos from the FSD test participants were cool, but some were also scary, the Tesla boss replied that it was still a beta program.

According to Musk, the number of test participants has recently increased significantly. In the interview, he spoke of more than 100,000 people after Tesla reported nearly 60,000 vehicles in FSD beta testing in the quarterly report from the end of January. The test started in October 2020 with carefully selected participants in the USA, about a year later Enable Tesla to implement this at scale with a ‘trial button’ in his car list. In March, Canada was the first country to join the FSD.

Robotaxi Service Limited Before Tesla

However, Musk’s statement about the jump from less than 60,000 to more than 100,000 Tesla electric cars with FSD in less than three months came as a surprise. According to the trackers, no new experimental labs have been accepted in the US since the end of 2021, and their number in Canada is said to be small.

Regardless of this, Musk was once again convinced that only the path chosen by Tesla with cameras and AI could lead to the goal of self-driving: road systems were created for people with their eyes and biological computers in their heads, hence the AI ​​developed Enough to understand the real world in general. However, most other self-driving companies see it differently and also use high-resolution maps and laser sensors – and they have Unlike Tesla, robotaxi services are limited, at least in the US In process.