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Outdoor gastronomy in Balingen: restaurants get more space for hungry and thirsty visitors - Balingen and the surrounding area

Outdoor gastronomy in Balingen: restaurants get more space for hungry and thirsty visitors – Balingen and the surrounding area

A cold beer or a glass of wine on hot days: the outdoor gastronomy should be able to serve that up again at least this year and next. Photo: ©

A ray of hope for Balingen restaurants: The majority of the management committee decided to continue the art of outdoor gastronomy.

Balingen – Restaurant Balingen’s good news: outdoor gastronomy is underway – at least in 2022 and 2023. This means restaurants can use two parking spaces in front of the house to serve food, just as they did last year’s pandemic. The city charges a nominal fee of 1 euro per square meter for this. With an opposite vote, the Municipal Council Administration Committee decided on Tuesday evening to follow up on the relevant request of the Parliamentary Group of the Free Democratic Party.

“Variety of color is better than the simplicity of gray”

There was less agreement on color design proposals and possible road separation. Günther Meinhold (CDU) said the approach is correct and has proven itself: “It increases the attractiveness of downtown.” But the design specs definitely went too far. According to Meinhold, responsible citizens can be trusted to “act wisely.” If everything has to be organized, he lacks understanding. Grayscale? “Variety of color is better than the simplicity of gray.”

“Primary law?” asked Peter Seifert (the Greens). “There are a handful out there, but the city can’t claim it.” The red awnings in the church’s backyard won’t harm the view of the city. It’s right to support the “types that get beaten up”, that is, the restaurateurs, “but you’re rocking the other shopkeepers on the street.” He recalled two restaurants on Bahnhofstrasse, which, among other things, could have closed the pharmacy parking lot with camping chairs and plastic tables.

Mitigating the impact of the epidemic

The design specification, countered with Christoph Voth (FDP), did not come from the FDP, but from management. Sure, you should stick to the guidelines in general. “The point here is to mitigate the effects of the epidemic in this sector.”

Umbrellas with advertising prints? unwanted. You want to be a little discreet, said Mayor Helmut Reitmann. They also don’t want any ads for parties and the like. Furniture and canopies may, of course, be different, “but of high quality” and should “not convey any messages we do not want.” This will be coordinated with restaurants. Plastic chairs and tables that collapse when used for the second time are undesirable. Of course you can be creative. “It looks great with a few flowers,” Reitemann pointed out to the fender that Römerklause erected from the euro pallets.

Don’t be too strict

In terms of colour, Ute Theurer (FWV) said, you don’t have to be too strict. Don’t be so, replied Michael Wagner, Head of Construction. “We are ruling out only flashy colours, we want to prevent ‘outliers.’ And we want uniformity in the hospitality area.” The presence of a “status” is also important for the HGV. Everything else will be arranged in detail with the restaurateurs.

With one dissenting vote and three abstentions, the Furniture and Design Recommendations were approved by a majority vote.