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OUT OF PLACE: Spectators tear apart “Supertalent” winner Alexander.

OUT OF PLACE: Spectators tear apart “Supertalent” winner Alexander.

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This time, TV viewers had no say in the finale of “Das Supertalent.” Fans are not at all happy with the winner and are protesting online.

Cologne – There were a lot of changes in “Das Supertalent” this year: first, the jury was expanded to include Dieter Bohlin (70), Bruce Darnell (66), Ekaterina Leonova (36) and Anna Ermakova (23). Then the supervisors were changed. Victoria Swarovski (30 years old) and Jens Knusala (37 years old). My churches Led through the program. But the duo didn't have much to do, because only three shows and one final show were broadcast. On February 17, 2024, the winner of singing talent, Alexander Daghmani (17 years old), was chosen, but the fans at home did not choose him.

TV viewers are ripping off the winner of “Supertalent” — but not because of his performance

Saturday night's “Supertalent” final was not broadcast live, meaning the winner has been known for weeks. With the changes in the new season came a new concept that gave decision-making power to the audience in the studio. People who were there live during the taping of the final were able to vote for their favorite via cell phone. After the vote, vocal prodigy Alexander Dogmani was in the lead. The young singer was especially convincing in the high vocal ranges.

His singing was well-received and mainly unpanned by fans at home – but TV viewers were still unhappy with the choice. In her opinion, “Das Supertalent” is not just about the sound. “I get angry every time singers go to Supertalent instead of one of the 50 shows,” one viewer vents and receives a lot of support: “No singers are allowed to go on Supertalent.” “I mean, what's the point? From DSDS?” Another person also calls for singers to be banned completely. “How boring” is his verdict X (formerly Twitter).

Top three places in the “Supertalent” final.

First place: singer Alexander Dogmani
Second place: Black Widow dance group
Third place: Artistic duo “The Ramadani Brothers”

No say in the final: Fans demand the restoration of the old “Das Supertalent” concept

In addition to complaints about the victory of one of the singers, many TV viewers want to restore the well-known concept of “Das Supertalent”. Reason: Many people find it boring that the winner has already been decided before the first episode airs. “Why don't we announce the winner right away?” someone asks, annoyed. Another comment was harsher: “No live show, no real talent, no excitement. 'Super talent' has never been more boring…”

Alexander Dogmani holds a star
This time, TV viewers had no say in the finale of “Das Supertalent.” Fans are completely unhappy with winner Alexander Dogmani and are protesting online. © RTL/Stefan Gregorius

A frustrated viewer could see heads rolling over RTL. He says: “Whoever had the idea of ​​not presenting the final episode live should be fired.” Fans were merciless elsewhere: because they did not want to see Knosi as a presenter, some viewers threatened to boycott “Das Supertalent.” Sources used: “Das Supertalent”/ RTL (episode dated February 17, 2024), X