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teala gigafactory berlin plan neu juni 2021

Other permits for Tesla, intensive work until mid-November>

The Brandenburg State Office of the Environment (LfU) has issued two more advanced permits to build the Tesla Gigafactory in Grunheide near Berlin. The country’s environment ministry announced Monday that it’s related to the construction of several water troughs, which Tesla had applied for in May. In addition, the building has been approved for on-site battery production. Tesla is now allowed to work on the completion of its German plant almost around the clock, also on Sundays.

Positive expectations for the Tesla project

According to the Environment Ministry, approval for the aquarium was a long time coming because Tesla had fundamentally changed the overall plans for the Gigafactory near Berlin after placing the order. The fact that it has now come to pass seems to be a positive signal for the final approval of the entire project, which has been pending so far: all the authorities involved have According to the ministry He made a positive prognosis and also took into account newly received objections.

According to his announcement, the same applies to the newly approved businesses in the Battery Hall. Its meter-thick foundation has already been laid and several columns erected on it, and now Tesla is also allowed to build the building in the form ordered in June. As with all previous pre-approvals, it should be noted Built by Tesla at its own risk: If the final project permit is missing, the company will have to restore the previous state at its own expense.

Additionally, it was announced on Tuesday that Tesla will be able to accelerate the remaining work at Grünheide. Preapproved Installation of building technology and production systems in Giga factory buildings They can now be checked around the clock on business days, according to a partial document posted by local observer @tobilindh on Twitter. An additional 13 working hours are allowed on Sundays. The same times apply to the construction of buildings not yet completed, and infrastructure works can be carried out on site on weekdays from 4:00 am to midnight and on Sundays from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Giga factory building by mid-November

The permit for construction and infrastructure works has also been given a time limit – until November 15, indicating that it will continue until then. According to tobilindh, this is not the first time Tesla has applied for and approved longer working hours for the German Gigafactory Owns. He explained that both 24-hour operation and work on Sundays had already existed before, but not for that long and to such an extent.

Production start on October 9th, Where there will be a Tesla open day in Grünheide, Minister of Economic Affairs of the state of Brandenburg just dismissed. But Tesla appears to be aiming for a start before the end of the year. The next big milestone is the discussion of the 800 or so objections to the project, which is now set for September 23rd. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is happening in an online process that takes at least three weeks.