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Other electric cars charge in Norway >

2022 could be the year when the charging worlds of Tesla cars and electric cars from other manufacturers grow together across the globe. In the USA, for example, a transformer must be in the works that Teslas can charge at third-party CCS stations, as well as “Magic Dock” in which exotic electric cars use the supercharger Allow. In Europe, the opening of the supercharger has already begun with testing in the Netherlands in November 2021. Also in Norway, other electric cars were seen charging at Tesla stations.

Audi e-tron fee in Tesla

The Norwegian newspaper Elbil24 reported this on Friday. A reader gave advice that the Nissan e-NV 200 and Audi e-tron are connected to a supercharger near Oslo in the post. A reporter drove there and, according to him, had already met an Audi electric car that was charging electricity to a Tesla shaft. In addition, there was initially BYD Tang at the site, but he left immediately.

A video from elbil24 shows the supercharger Nebbenes in Norway, which is the largest in Europe with its 44 individual shafts. As usual, only Teslas can be seen in the front seats at the site. But then the camera moves back and there’s actually a darkened Audi e-tron with a supercharger cable attached. The lights on the port, photographed close-up, indicate that it is indeed charging. Later, readers were said to have reported similar observations from at least two other Tesla stations in Norway.

test it with Ten superchargers for electric cars in the Netherlands Tesla officially announced. There was no such information for Norway, and no certified supercharger was shown in the country’s application on Saturday. So it looks like it’s kind of a pre-test. Unlike the USA, you don’t need an adapter for this in Europe, because Tesla uses the same CCS standard here as most other electric cars.

Global Supercharger Opening Planned

According to the report, the company did not want to say anything about the discovery in Norway or about its opening plans in general. The fact of its existence is not only evident due to testing in the Netherlands: last July, CEO Elon Musk announced the goal of In the future, all superchargers can be used with almost all electric vehicles It must be. Regarding Norway, Tesla is said to have requested a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Transportation on the matter last fall. So soon, in another European country, not all supercharger shafts can be reserved for Tesla drivers.