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Orienteering World Championships in Flims Lachs – World Championships on home soil as a Swiss festival – Sport

Orienteering World Championships in Flims Lachs – World Championships on home soil as a Swiss festival – Sport


The Swiss steering team took advantage of the ground in the World Cup and shone with their outstanding performance.


Lots of reasons to celebrate

The public celebrates the Swiss Orientation Champions.

Keystone / Walter Perry

The expectations of the Swiss orientalists at the home world championships in Flims-lacs were high. The team has withstood this pressure in an impressive way. With seven medals in six competitions, Switzerland was the superior country, to the delight of many fans. For comparison: 2019 was the only time the World Forestry Championships were held with long-distance, middle-distance and relay races and without sprint competitions. At the time, Switzerland finished Norway’s title fights with four medals.

Aebersold guarantees a perfect start

Head coach Kilian Imhoff also declared a four-podium finish as his home World Cup goal. This requirement has been clearly exceeded. Simona Aebersold’s perfect start to the team on Thursday certainly helped. The 25-year-old from Berne took home her first world championship gold and her ninth world championship medal in the long-distance sprint. With Natalia Gembrel, another Swiss missed out on the podium, finishing fourth.

Just a few hours later, Matthias Kipors delivered the next sense of accomplishment to the men. The 33-year-old from Fricktal had to give way to Aebersold’s Norwegian partner Kasper Fosser in the long distance and sprinted to the silver medal.

Keyborz and Hadorn double win

On Saturday, Kippurs fared better. In the middle distance race he was in a class of his own. In the end, he was two minutes ahead of the competition and was able to celebrate the gold medal at the World Championships for the seventh time. From a Swiss point of view, the competition was made even more entertaining by Joy Hadorn, who took home the silver behind Kippurs.

In the women’s middle distance event, Ebersold disappointed with a thirteenth-place finish. But Gemperle jumped into the loophole for them. The 32-year-old Russian national had to concede defeat to Swede Tove Alexandrosson and won the silver.

Men’s relay with a gold finish

The relays provided a perfect end to Sunday. For the men, Daniel Hopmann, Hadorn and Kippurs were in a class of their own and became world champions ahead of Finland and Sweden. Women also won a medal. Elena Ross, Gembrel and Ebersold ran behind the out-and-out Swedes for the silver.