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Oreo Xbox Sweepstakes: Mondelez Partners With Microsoft

Oreo Xbox Special Edition has been available in Germany since January (Image: Microsoft)

Confectionery company Mondelez (Milka, Daim, and Tuc) sells a special edition Oreo with six different Xbox-style cookies, and it’s surrounded by competition.

like “Probably the most famous biscuit in the world” Microsoft refers to the Oreo brand, which belongs to the Mondelez group. Now the two American companies have joined forces and released Oreo Xbox Special Edition, which is marketed in 22 countries and has also been available in German supermarkets since the beginning of the year.

Each pack contains six cookie mockups related to the games – in addition to the Xbox logo, there are four A, B, X, Y control buttons and a directional arrow. Who scans the barcode on the packaging and batches of cookies on the linked campaign website It can, with a bit of luck, have the word “Unencrypted” appear next to the in-game content Forza Horizon 5And Sea of ​​Thieves And infinite aura Open a collection of prizes.

Prizes include Oreo accessories, Xbox controllers, Xbox Game Pass subscriptions and, as the main prize, three VIP motorsport adventure trips to Barcelona worth up to €6,400 each. Offer ends April 24, 2023.

The promotional collaboration will be announced, among other things, through television advertisements in the context of high-range formats.