The system had already appeared – especially after the dispute between Qatar Airways and Airbus have stepped up about paint damage on the A350 completely. Now she is there. Gulf Air announced on Monday evening (January 31) that Gulf Air will be the first customer for the latest Boeing cargo aircraft.

Specifically, it placed a firm order for 34 Boeing 777-8F aircraft and at the same time secured options for another 16 cargo aircraft. In turn, it reduced the previous order for 60 Boeing 777X aircraft in the passenger version by 20 copies. However, the American aircraft manufacturer can celebrate. Because it also benefits in the passenger aircraft sector from the dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways.

Signing a letter of intent

Gulf Air has signed a letter of intent to purchase 25 Boeing 737 Max 10 aircraft. At the same time, this includes the intent to secure the right to purchase for the aircraft model. because of the quarrel Airbus has canceled an order for 50 A321 Neo.