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Optical illusion: Can you pass the world’s fastest IQ test? You have 13 seconds!

Optical error and illusion

Can you pass the world’s fastest IQ test? You have 13 seconds!

In a short video you can see a region of letters, more precisely the letter «X». But there is another message hidden somewhere. Can you tell which of them and how many of them?


You only have 13 seconds. Can you do it?

  • There are countless IQ tests on the Internet.

  • One of them comes up with an optical illusion and it’s currently baffling the internet.

  • To successfully complete the test, you need to be quick to learn.

An area with letters can be seen, more precisely the letter “X”. The characters are arranged in 19 columns and nine rows. This optical illusion is currently baffling the internet. Ups are also hidden between letters arranged in a straight line. Can you tell how much? According to the Jagran Josh website, only people with a higher IQ can complete the task. If so, it is probably the fastest IQ test in the world. How are you

Read no further if you still want to find out the answer yourself.

As mentioned earlier, you only have 13 seconds to test. How many “Y” are hiding there? If you are quick to learn, you may pass the test. Answer: There are six Y’s hidden among the rows of uniform “X”s. Our brains are so biased that they resist the fact that this is where the Upsilons are hiding. He perceives the first impression as an even order of “X”. Deviation can only be perceived with increased attention and focus.

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