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Opinion trend INSA - SPD still in third place - domestic policy

Opinion trend INSA – SPD still in third place – domestic policy

The Social Democratic Party remains in third place!

On the current trend of INSA opinion, the SPD (20 percent), the Greens (21.5 percent) and the AfD (10.5 percent) each improved by half a percentage point.

CDU/CSU (27 percent) lost a point, and the FDP (9 percent) lost half a point. As in the previous week, the left remained at 4 percent. Other parties come together again to 8 percent.

► “The trees of the union do not grow in the sky, the distance between them and the Greens is melting. The Greens kept the SPD in a stalemate, but they could not lead the government without them. The traffic light is the only coalition that can stand in the way of a union government”, says the head of the institute Hermann Pinkert.

Habik is still the most popular politician

In the ranking of the most popular politicians, a move was at the top of the list.

Because Jim Ozdemir lost two points, he dropped from third to fourth, and Olaf Schultz improved from fourth to third.

Despite losing one point each, Robert Habeck and Annalena Barbock remained in first and second places.

rank (change) Politician
1 (=) Robert Habeck
2 (=) Annalena Barbuk
3 (↑ 4) Olaf Schulz
4 (↓ 3) Jim Ozdemir
5 (↑ 7) Marcus Soder
6 (↓ 5) Karl Lauterbach
7 (↓ 6) Hendrick West
8 (↑ 9) Lars Klingbeil
9 (↑ 10) Christian Lindner
10 (↑ 11) Friedrich Merz