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Operation slows down the new layout of Landhausplatz -

Operation slows down the new layout of Landhausplatz –


Since the remodeling of Landhausplatz in 2009, there has been frequent criticism of the large concrete deck. FPÖ says it’s an unfriendly place. She calls for the need to green the place. Changes are not possible for a long time, because legal proceedings are currently underway around Landhausplatz.

Under the pandemic, Landhausplatz became an important haven for many residents. But it should be greener, the Freedom Party criticized. The place is not attractive at all, says Markus Abwersger, president of the FPÖ. For him, the square is a cement desert.

“When you walk across the field in the summer, you start to sweat. It’s 40 degrees on the square. It would be nice if it could be greened, if it could be made into a garden.”

Keep the rusty surface as a guide

Redesign of the box is not currently possible. There are still legal proceedings between the land and the construction company. Since rust has become an issue in the box, the procedure deals with potential structural damage and defects.

As long as this process continues, the site should remain the same, says state bureau director Herbert Forster. “If you change the surfaces here, you will have objections in the process about whether that was the cause of the damage. It would be smart to wait for the process now.”


The court is preoccupied with rust stains on the concrete ceiling of Landhausplatz

Landtag will discuss the change

In addition, the course is only eleven years old and costs 6.3 million euros. The design was redesigned by a major architectural competition. Forster thinks politicians will decide whether it makes sense to remove part of the roof again. “It is also not customary to partly tamper with a successful project. But it is up to the state parliament to decide here whether one wants to take the financial resources into their own hands for restructuring.”

It is not clear how long the procedures for construction defects will take. Another session is scheduled for the end of November. FPÖ has suspended its request to redesign Landhausplatz for the time being. If there is a judgment, Landhausplatz must be discussed politically again.