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OpenTTD 12.0 Released: Transport Pole Replica

OpenTTD 12.0 Released: Transport Pole Replica

In 1994 MicroProse (the company that made a milestone in C64 football with MicroProse Soccer in 1988) launched Transport Tycoon, one of the most popular business simulations of the time. The aim of the game was to build a successful transportation company. Ships, various road vehicles, aircraft, and above all railway vehicles were available.

Fans of the genre are also likely to be familiar with OpenTTD, an open source game based on this transport tycoon. Final version 12.0 is now released. Perhaps the biggest innovation? Playing together is possible! Now you just have to start the server, set it to public or only for invitees – that’s it. No player-side setup required, no port forwarding, nothing. before a while They also started in the Microsoft Store Through the meantime one is also Search for Steam. The game is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The reviews on Steam are pretty good, but critics note that it’s sometimes difficult without an introductory tutorial. You already have ideas, but it may take some time. This is exciting Technical contributionHow it was ensured that everyone could really play against others online. The solution requires redirection through the project server, which incurs costs. It is hoped that this will continue to be covered by the donations received.

Game alternatives? OpenRCT2 RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is open source. 0 pm: Real Time Strategy (RTS) in the spirit of AOE and also semotransTransport Simulator.