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Only the king doesn't have time for him!

Only the king doesn't have time for him!

Sipping a cup of peace tea with the family?

For Prince Harry, 39, and the royal family, the chances of doing so next month are better than ever.

Because one thing is certain: Prince Harry will be in London on May 8. The reason: to celebrate the anniversary of his Invictus Games.

It is also certain that the service will be held at St Paul's Cathedral.

And one more thing is certain: only one member of the royal family actually has mandatory appointments during Harry's visit to London.

Who is this? Princess Anne (73)!

She is working hard during this time. King Charles' sister (75 years old) will participate in various events in London, Cambridge and Manchester.

So Prince Harry will not meet his aunt. Nothing stands in the way of meeting King Charles III, Prince William (41), or Princess Kate (42).

According to English media, there is nothing on their calendars during this period.

But do King Charles and Co. really want to meet the renegade king? Doubtful.

Prince Harry is said to be not doing well in California. Since his sister-in-law Kate officially began battling cancer, his thoughts are said to be almost entirely in London.

Royal expert Tom Quinn shared his assessment of the couple's current mood with the Mirror. “Harry and Meghan are spending sleepless nights thinking about what to do,” he says.

Prince Harry in particular faces a difficult task. On the one hand, he wants to support his family in difficult times, and on the other hand, he wants to support his wife, Megan.

Despite all the differences, Prince Harry would be open to reconciliation with his family in the United Kingdom. The expert believes: “Harry will think it would be good to reconcile with his brother William, his wife Kate and his father.”

But wife Meghan Markle (42 years old) remains skeptical. According to Quinn, she expects an apology from her husband's family. The former actress has accused members of the royal family of racism and bullying in the past. The Duchess doesn't want to forgive them so quickly.

Princess Kate and King Charles recently announced they had been diagnosed with cancer. Both are currently undergoing chemotherapy. Neither of them seems to be in the mood for long discussions with Prince Harry at the moment.