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Only swimming glasses left – torn by British (57) shark in Australia – News Abroad

Paul Milachip, 57, went to a beach in Perth, Australia, every Saturday to maintain good health. But he did not return last weekend.

The head of the British family was eaten by a shark. Four teenagers witnessed the attack Saturday morning, but Milachip could do nothing. Police searched for his remains until Sunday, but only found his swimming glasses.

The young men who noticed the shark were lying in the sand. “I don’t see exactly what kind of shark it is, but it’s huge,” one of the youngsters told the Australian News Agency.7 NewsThe four immediately jumped into their rubber dinghy and dialed the emergency number again to warn swimmers and beach guests about the shark.

For Paul Milachip, any help came too late. An anonymous eyewitness witnessed the attack from the beach: “I saw the man fighting in the water, and then I saw a boat boy circling, and that was the last time they saw him.” “Big and white,” he said. Even the witness.

Surfer Guidan Bolt was one of those who warned young people in good time. “They flew towards us and shouted to get out of the water because there was a shark attack,” he told 7news. “Before we knew it, there were police officers and paramedics everywhere, circling the beach and saying there was a crime going on here.”

Bitter: Millachip’s wife and two-year-old children were on the beach when the attack took place. The widow, who wanted to remain anonymous, swam almost with her husband: “I quickly got out of the water because it was too cold,” she told a news conference.

She was in the locker room when her husband ate.

Although Paul Millachip could not be saved by the youth, his widow is grateful to them: “It must have been an utterly horrible experience for them, and my heart is with them. Thank you for what you did. “