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Only players brought in by Dejin play against YB in FCB

15 months after taking power

FC Basel is now FC Degen

Dispose and Restock: The personnel policy of David Deggin, president of the FCB, is currently culminating in a 0-0 draw against YB. All the players have used and the coach is committed to it.

It was Sunday time: FC Basel was FC Degen’s debut against Wayne B. With Fabian Fry having to sit out at short notice due to muscle issues, the only players on the field were those who were only signed after David Degen took power in May 2021. Means: The longest serving player used against YB is Sergio Lopez, player Ex-Real Madrid rookie contracted with FCB since July 1, 2021. Only 403 days ago. Everyone later came to red and blue.

He wears the captain’s armband against YB Wouter Burger, who has not played for FCB for twelve months. What a contrast to regular captain Fabian Frey – the club’s record player, aside from a two-year detour to Mainz, with the pros since 2007, believe it or not!