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Online magazine Telepolis / Antje Vollmer: "The Greens have their historical place ...

Online magazine Telepolis / Antje Vollmer: “The Greens have their historical place …


Hanover (OTS)

Ante Vollmer, a former Green Party member of parliament and Vice-President of the Bundestag, has been highly critical of her party in light of foreign and climate policy. “The Greens have revealed their historical place,” she said in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian. Online magazine Telepolis – Also with the aim of the G20 summit meeting in Bali.

In Vollmer’s view, the change in the Green Party’s position is particularly evident in foreign policy, which is largely shaped by a fellow party member, Secretary of State Annalina Barbock. “The old peace movement in the German Democratic Republic and the German Democratic Republic attacked rearmament in the East and West in the same way, and thus chose a highly controversial site,” Vollmer said. This has led to “amazing successes”: “Today’s Greens tend to hastily stand on the side of history’s supposed winners.”

Vollmer sees the Green Party’s self-definition as being undermined by current party politics. “There is no substantive discussion about the pressing question now: How do we get peace? The word responsibility is used excessively as an expression of pathetic self-confidence. The leading Greens describe themselves and the party as supporting the state. But where are you heading? This state?”

So far, no one has responded satisfactorily to the question of how to re-establish a stable peace order in Europe. “The last concept I remember came from Mikhail Gorbachev. He reacted in turn to a different concept, namely the policy of détente and the peace movement. He hoped for it. He supported the assumption that without Russia or against Russia there could be no stable peace regime in Europe.”

The full interview with Antje Vollmer will be published by Telepolis in two parts, today Tuesday at 4pm and Wednesday.

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