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Online Falstaff vote - Schützenwirt schnitzel came in second

Online Falstaff vote – Schützenwirt schnitzel came in second

The head of the restaurant “Gasthof zum Schützenwirt” Walter Pöllinger is pleased to name his company as the most famous Schnitzel restaurant in Austria.

Stephanie Holzgruber

For two weeks, wine and gourmet magazine Falstaff has been researching the most popular schnitzel restaurants in Austria this year by voting online. Even being nominated for this vote came as a complete surprise to Walter Bollinger. Second place in the ranking now is over.

“It came completely unexpected for us”

“This good arrangement was completely unexpected for us because we didn’t call for a vote ourselves. We didn’t start a campaign on Facebook or anything like that. It all came from our customers and our guests. We would like to thank them very much as well,” Walter Bollinger said in an initial reaction to NÖN Second place in this vote means a lot to us.

The hostel serves the national dish of Austria in five different versions. In addition to the classic pork and turkey steaks, veal steak, cordon bleu and seasonal venison schnitzel are also available on the restaurant’s menu. Walter Bollinger explains what makes the dish so special in his company: “It’s always fresh, fried in fresh lard and not in breadcrumbs.”