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OnePlus Pad is supposed to be released in February

With the OnePlus Pad, another Android tablet is currently in the pipeline. At least in India, the device should already be launched on February 7th.


The basics in brief

  • In addition to the Swiss launch, OnePlus is also currently planning its first tablet.
  • At least the OnePlus Tab should be introduced in India on February 7th.
  • The first leaks have already revealed details about the appearance and equipment.

This is also the case with OnePlus The company’s first Android tablet In progress. Its launch is imminent, and the leaks are currently piling up accordingly. We can already get a glimpse of the device in the first rendering of the images.

OnePlus panel with phone camera bump

Obviously, the tablet is designed for use in landscape mode. At least that’s what the circular camera hump, which runs down the middle of one of the long edges, suggests.

The selfie camera is also installed on this edge, but on the front. According to the leaks, the primary screen measures 11.6 inches. Other technical specifications Currently unknown.

The OnePlus Pad is set to launch on February 7, but only in India for now. Very exciting: on the same day, the manufacturer launched the OnePlus 11 Also for the first time in Switzerland Pioneer. It is not known if there will be a preview of the tablet at the corresponding event.

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