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OneNote: The update also brings new vertical navigation to Windows

At the end of 2022, it was leaked that Microsoft was working on a new navigation for the OneNote for Windows note-taking tool. The team has now introduced the first version with the new vertical tabs.

The update with the new expanded layout for OneNote is now also available for Windows. However, initially only in the initial stage via the Insider Program. The development of the new layout in the Windows app is so far advanced that Microsoft allows users to test it.

Instead of just using horizontal tabs, Microsoft has now introduced another option: vertical tab layout on the left side. This isn’t exactly new to OneNote.

Onenote tabs for Windows

Left-side navigation is already in OneNote clients for the web, Mac, and iPad. So Microsoft was just making new tabs available across platforms. This isn’t the only change in the OneNote app. We’ve included the release notes at the end of the post.

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The new navigation system is optional only. If you want to try vertical tabs on Windows, you have to select the latest beta via View > Layout > Vertical Tabs. If you don’t like the new layout, just revert to the old horizontal tab view. Microsoft has announced that it will be introducing vertical tabs for the OneNote Windows client. So far, only Insiders with version 2302 (Build 16124.20000) or higher can try it out.

Microsoft also indicated that the new layout will not be available in OneNote for Microsoft Windows 10 Available.

what’s new in this version

  • An updated modern look in OneNote as you can see in the screenshots! Note that this feature is still turned on. So if you haven’t seen them yet, it’s not your fault! We will be sending this out to more users in the coming weeks.
  • Use a virtual ruler to draw straight lines and measure distances. With the help of the angle indicator, you can rotate it at a certain angle.
  • Other pen and ink improvements, such as b. Updated tabs “paint” with new colors.

OneNote for Windows Download from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft, Application, Office, One Note, Notes, Notebook
Microsoft, Application, Office, One Note, Notes, Notebook