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One-Time NHL Deal – Brother to Brother: The Ritchies Swap Club – Sports


Nick Ritchie moves from the Arizona Coyotes to the Calgary Flames. His brother, Brett, walks in the opposite direction.


Make room for his brother

Nick Ritchie.

Reuters/USA Today Sports

A strange deal has been made in the NHL. The Arizona Coyotes and Calgary Flames have swapped two brothers: 27-year-old Nick Ritchie is moving to Canada, while his brother, Brett, two years his senior, is going to the southwestern United States. According to American media, this is the first sibling exchange in NHL history.

She tells Nick he’s livable: you can go to his house and he can go to yours.

“I think that was already leaked, so when I called them they laughed,” said Flames general manager Brad Treleving. “It’s unique and I had to laugh with both of them while we were talking.” Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong said, “I said (Nick Ritchie) he’s livable: You can go to his house and he can go to yours.”

The NHL transfer deadline expired on Friday. In total, the clubs registered 65 transfers, including the transfer of Nino Niedretter (from Nashville to Winnipeg) and Timo Meyer (from San Jose to New Jersey).