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"One or the other was irrelevant"

“One or the other was irrelevant”

Football fans are excited to see who the Natty will meet in the second round of Euro 2020. Meanwhile, coach Vladimir Petkovic gave an interview.

The basics in brief

  • The Swiss national football team is in the Round of 16 at Euro 2020.
  • Only tonight at 11 pm the discount will be decided.
  • Head coach Nati Petkovic’s team caused a special furore off the field.

The lovers Swiss football team today In the hammer group F. After the duels between Hungary-Germany and Portugal-France we know the opponent in the round of 16. It would be one of these quartet, or perhaps the mighty Belgians.

One thing is clear: the second round of Euro 2020 will be nothing but a picnic for the national team. Qualifying for the quarter-finals would be a sensation. The There will be a possibility Available.

The national team has not yet caused a stir, but above all beside the stadium. Before the start of Euro 2020, Nati’s stars were great Their noble bodies.

captain Granite Shaka get involved tattoo The scorpion. And for her hair it was specially made Barber Air from Switzerland.

From now on, Shaka’s blonde Granite will appear at Euro 2020. – Instagram / @granitxhaka

The criticism and outrage from Swiss football fans was and still is. Natty’s stars had a hard time with that.

In an interview witha look», which was made and updated before Euro 2020, speaks Coach Vladimir Petkovic about it.

“We had one or the other unrelated which sparked controversy,” Petkovic says. “But we quickly made it clear internally and always stayed in the business.”

And beyond that: “We influenced what we could, and in the end we came out with positive energies.”

Hairstylist, luxury cars and tattoos: Coach Natty talks about “irrelevance.” Is he right?

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