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One-Armed Player – The Carson Beckett Story

One-Armed Player – The Carson Beckett Story

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In EA Sports FC 24, a very special player will make her Ultimate Team debut in Carson Beckett. The American has only one arm.

Vancouver, Canada – EA takes a step forward in the spiritual successor to FIFA. The big innovation this year is the inclusion of female players in the popular Ultimate Team trading card mode. In addition to big names like Alexandra Pope and Alexia Potellas, American Carson Beckett is also in the starting lineup. The defender is an inspiration to many because she was born without a left forearm. We explain how EA implemented physical specialization in EA Sports FC 24.

The name of the game EA Sports FC
Version (date first published) September 29, 2023
Publishers Electronic Arts
series EA Sports FC (formerly FIFA)
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Google Stadia
Developer EA Sports – a trademark of Electronic Arts
Type Football simulator

EA Sports FC 24: Carson Beckett plays with only one arm – There may be gameplay issues

Supporter with only one arm: The story of American professional player Carson Beckett is impressive. After starting her career in Florida, the 29-year-old later ended up back in North Carolina, USA through stints in South Africa and Australia. She is a regular there. Last year, Carson Beckett managed to fulfill her dream and play two matches for the national team.

The strange thing is that Carson Beckett was born without a left forearm. The athlete does not see her disability as a handicap, but as an opportunity to inspire others and make history. “I use what God gave me,” says the 29-year-old of her own physical condition. We show you how the chemistry system works with women in EA Sports FC 24.

EA Sports FC executes a one-armed player: Carson Beckett goes the extra mile © Imago: Aaron Doster / EA Sports

Implementation in EA Sports FC 24: EA will implement American in EA Sports FC 24 and therefore also in Ultimate Team. the game model Carson Beckett has already appeared. While players admire EA for Pickett’s body customization, they also see two potential issues with the gameplay.

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On the one hand, users have wondered how Carson Beckett throws a throw-in in EA Sports FC 24. EA Sports FC also allows players to put balls into the goal. It remains to be seen if EA built special moves for this as well, or if there will be an invisible hitbox for Pickett’s non-existent left arm. Although Pickett won’t be one of them, here’s a look at the top 10 potential players for EA Sports FC 24.