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Once again two prominent departures

Once again two prominent departures

“Zwei am Morge” comedians Robin Bekes and Ramin Yousufzai will break new ground from spring 2022.

SRF Oscar Alessio

“Zwei am Morge” creators Robin Pickis and Ramin Yousofzai have decided to turn their backs on SRF. In the spring of 2022, the comedians can be seen for the last time on “Zwei am Morge”.

Seeing the werewolf in Üetliberg, “Tagesschau” for millennials or fan-searching for Roger Federer, Ruben Bekes and Ramin Yousufzai, has created a huge fan base. Since 2018, they have been entertaining viewers of “Zwei am Morge” with their secret moves and gags.

After about four years, Ramin and Robin have now decided to take a new path away from SRF.

While Ramin would like to focus fully on acting, Robin will focus on his independence in the future. They will be seen for the last time at “Zwei am Morge” in the spring of 2022. At the same time, the final season will be like this.

Once again two familiar faces are leaving SRF

“After four years of success, now is the time to focus more on acting and tackle my own projects in front of and behind the camera,” says Ramin Yousufzai.

Robin Becks: “I’ve been able to stand in front of and behind the camera, creating a variety of ideas and implementing them as fun and exciting as possible—all things that I really enjoy. With all the fun, I’ve noticed that creating content for so many different vectors on social media is practically without Stopping for so many years required a lot. My feeling told me that on the one hand, I needed some distance from outputting static content, but at the same time I wanted to tackle new things. Because both needed space that I could give myself right now.”

Cassnstores journalist Uli Schmeeser hosts his final consumer show tomorrow, Tuesday, December 21, after 25 years. The names of notable alumni of Leutschenbach have been piling up lately.

How things will go after “Zwei am Morge” after the end of March 2022 is still in the stars. The SRF will report on how the coordination will continue once details are available.