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On the road from autumn: Here's what Condor offers in its Airbus A330 neo

On the road from autumn: Here’s what Condor offers in its Airbus A330 neo

In the fall, the first Airbus Condor A330neo takes off. Now the airline is showing the cabin for the first time.

Anyone traveling with a Condor to Seattle, Mexico, or the Dominican Republic in the fall may have already done so in an Airbus A330neo. From then on, the airline will start adding new aircraft to its fleet. The new Airbus is said to have replaced the Boeing 767 on long-haul routes during the winter.

The airline is now showing off the cabin of the A330 Neo for the first time. While the striped planes move in many different bright colors, Condor keeps the interior design more classic. However, the lines, which are an integral part of the airline’s brand image, also play a role, for example on the walls or on the headrests.

Passage access for all in business

There will be 310 passengers seated in the Airbus A330neo Condor aircraft, including 30 in Business Class, 64 in Premium Economy Class, and 216 in Economy Class. In the business section, the seats are installed in a 1-2-1 configuration. This means that all passengers have access to the aisle. Seats recline into a 1.99m flat bed.

Premium Economy is a bit less than what you can now find under the name on many other airlines. The seats are the same as in economy class, but have 15 cm more legroom. The backrests can be adjusted back 15 cm. There is also a multi-adjustable headrest and footrest on each seat. Like Economy Class, Premium Economy is built in a 2-4-2 configuration.

Watch with your bluetooth headphones.

Each seat has an entertainment screen. There’s also an extra stand for your mobile phone or tablet at every seat, so you can also stream on board with your own device. This should be possible with high speed internet. In addition, their Bluetooth headphones can also be connected to the in-flight entertainment system.

See our new cabin impressions of the Condor A330 Neo in the gallery above.