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On the Internet, the first Europe from Russia to Cuba project – Brenza Latin

On the YouTube social network, at 9:00 pm local time, the project started from Moscow with the words of the Cuban Ambassador to Russia Julio Garmentia, who welcomed the initiative and thanked everyone who was united for the Caribbean island.

He also drew attention to the permanent and decisive support of these organizations in the fight against the siege, which is having a severe impact on the lives of all Cubans, including women, as his intervention focused on an issue near the 8th of March, its International Day.

The diplomat recalled examples of great fighters for Cuba’s independence against Spanish colonialism, including Rosa Costellanos, leader of the Liberation Army, and Mariana Grozalez, considered the mother of the nation in Cuba, for their role and contribution to the freedom struggle.

She noted the presence of women in the revolutionary process after the 1959 victory, and 61 years ago, when she founded the Cuban Women’s Federation, General Fidel Castro warned of important tasks ahead.

Henceforth, Carmentia stressed that the revolution had helped to integrate women into the scientific, social and economic life of the country.

In this sense, he cited the representation achieved in the National People’s Authority (Cuba Parliament), where 322 out of 605 members, 53 percent, are second in the world.

The ambassador warned that currently Cuban scientists make up 53 percent of that workforce and that they represent 68 percent of the positions of technicians and experts.

Coordinated by Lena Loshkina, chair of the Russian group fighting to end the siege against Cuba, the event was attended by representatives of various island movements and solidarity associations in Russia, Serbia, Spain, France and Northern Ireland. And Italy.

Activists commented on the efforts of their various groups in support of Cuba and against US genocidal policy against the island.

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