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On tape and on stream: St.Galler Kantonalschwingfest in Wil

On tape and on stream: St.Galler Kantonalschwingfest in Wil

12:00 noon

Two wrestlers top the table in the first half

During the lunch break, there is time to prepare the pitches for the afternoon.

Photo: Beat Lanzendorfer

After three turns, Jan Mannhart, Flumserberg and Werner Schlegel lead Hemberg with a total of 29.75 points. They are followed by Samir Lube, Winterthur, by a quarter point. Philip Lehmann, Homlikon, and Fabian Ullmann, Montlingen ranked 3a (29.00 points each).

Damien Ott, Dren, bounced back from his initial defeat and rushed onto the field from behind after victories against Fabian Koller and Rito Koch. Marcel Rabsamine, Mosselbach, the favorite with his participation, was not. After a challenge against Stefan Burkhalter, the city of Homburg, this was followed by a victory over Patrick Burglar. In third gear, however, he had to admit defeat to This Kolb.

After his initial victories over Roman Hochholdinger and Janick Vogenberger, Samir Lopey was no match for him, which is why Nolde Forer slipped to 7e in the middle standings. Now it’s lunch break time, we wish everyone “än Guätä” and we’ll be back with level four.