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On behalf of China? Warns British Secret Service Agent

Updated on 01/14/2022 at 12:25 pm

  • The Homeland Security Service has warned lawmakers in Great Britain about the Chinese lawyer.
  • MI5 fears he will make contacts and donate money to influence London politics on behalf of the Communist Party.

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A rare warning from Britain’s MI5 intelligence agency has raised concerns about foreign interference in British politics. MI5 warns MPs in UK House of Lords and Commons London Before the suspicious Chinese agent.

Christine Singh Qi Lee, a lawyer, has been linked to the Communist Party of China, trying to influence British politicians to support the political climate. Chinese Due to influence.

Cash donations to politicians

A Labor MP, Barry Gardiner, said BBC He is said to have received a donation of more than 4 420,000 from a Chinese company a few years ago, and hired the son of a suspected agent to work in his office. He said the Department of Defense was constantly informed about these donations.

Christine Singh Qi Lee has successfully established contacts with other parties in the state. Ed Davey, the current leader of the Liberal Democrats, is said to have received a donation of £ 5,000 from his local party association when he was secretary of energy.

The then Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May honored the lawyer for his services to British-Chinese cooperation at a ceremony in his office at 10 Downing Street on May 2019. The newspaper has published the news “Defender”.

China denies the allegations

British Home Secretary Priti Patel has warned that similar warnings could be issued. England There are “other enemies” who have tried in different ways to “interfere in our country”.

The Intelligence His warning in the Lee case can be explicitly justified: it precedes in-depth and lengthy research, the BBC reports. MI5 went public with such a warning that, according to the broadcaster, it was an extraordinary move.

A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in London denied the allegations on Thursday evening. China is basically aloof from foreign affairs and does not need to “buy influence”. (dpa / fab)

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