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OM Digital presents the PCM Recorder |  today

OM Digital presents the PCM Recorder | today

Japanese manufacturer of digital optical products OM Digital Solutions has introduced the OM System LS-P5 Linear PCM Recorder. An all-in-one audio recorder in combination with the camera makes it possible to record moving images with high-resolution audio, the manufacturer writes. This makes the device ideal for YouTubers, influencers, and other creators.

(Source: zVg / Ted Colegrove)

The recording device is equipped with an improved “TRESMIC II” high-performance microphone and enables stereo recordings with extended frequency response and high-resolution recordings in linear PCM or 96 kHz/24-bit FLAC format. A special function of the device mixes the input signals of the three built-in high-performance microphones and adjusts the direction in 21 levels without changing the sound quality. According to the manufacturer, the microphones also provide a sound pressure level of 125 dB.

The LS-P5 is equipped with three high-performance microphones. (Source: zVg)

Built-in Bluetooth technology allows the LS-P5 to connect with Bluetooth compatible devices. With the free smartphone app DVR.Remote (iOS and Android), the recorder can be easily controlled by the smartphone from a distance of up to 10 meters, writes OM Digital. In addition, the volume can also be adjusted while recording and filter settings can be changed or orientation changed via the app.

The recorder supports a maximum sampling rate of 96 kHz and linear PCM recording with a bit depth of up to 24 bits – three times that of CD. According to the manufacturer, the device also allows recording and playback in FLAC format with lossless compression, ensuring high audio quality while at the same time reducing file sizes by 30 percent compared to PCM (.WAV). By the way, you can see if there are audio differences between WAV, FLAC and ALAC formats I read here. In addition to 16 GB of internal memory, the storage space can be expanded using a micro SD card.

By the way: At the beginning of the year, OM Digital presented the new system camera and two lenses. Find out what the OM-1 and the two lenses can do here.