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Olympics – Nine months to Beijing 2022: Tension between US and China tightens

WASHINGTON (SIT) – About nine months before the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing (February 4-22, 2022), the debate over the human rights situation in the host country is intensifying between China and the United States. After Washington accused the Chinese of abusing “to cover up total human rights violations”, Asians called on US government policy to “take the rights of athletes hostage.”

The cycle of expansion was re-initiated by a US State Department official. “We can not remain blind to Beijing’s brutal human rights record,” Don Nadel said when the United States released its annual report on religious freedom. […] This includes Beijing’s intention to use the Games as a platform to somehow verify their government model and cover up their total human rights abuses. ”

It did not take long for a copy to arrive from Beijing. “These politicians in the United States do not have the right to take hostages the right of their own athletes to participate in a fair competition,” said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Suning, who described Nadel’s criticism of the policies of the Chinese regime as “China’s interference in internal affairs.”

As relations between the two economic powers deteriorated sharply, human rights groups and Republican leaders called for a boycott of the Beijing Games in March. The government under President Joe Biden has so far categorically ruled out the participation of American athletes in Beijing.

The United States continues to accuse China of genocide against members of the Uyghurs and mostly Muslim Turks. Members of these ethnic groups are being held in labor camps in China’s western Xinjiang province.