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Olympic Games in Australia in 2032

For the third time, the Summer Olympics are set to take place in Australia. Brisbane is set to host 2032 games.

Brief essentials

  • It will be known who will host the 2032 Summer Olympics in July.
  • German application not working – Brisbane wins attempt.

As I.O.C. Announced, the final decision on the allocation of games is XXXV. Brisbane Olympics I.O.C.-Session will be held on July 21 in Tokyo. After Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000, Australia has the potential to become an Olympic venue again.

After this preliminary decision, the Rhine-Ruhr Olympic project to bring the 2032 Summer Games to Germany was almost non-existent. Approval I.O.C.Members of the Executive Committee, chaired by President Thomas Bach, should have only one form of proposal.

Results I.O.C.As part of a new selection process, a follow-up to Brisbane based on a report by the Future Host Commission that has examined the Brisbane project in detail over the past few months. Christine Gloucester Assan, the future head of the Host Commission, explained that the new approach to selecting Olympic hosts made it possible to “adapt the Olympics to the needs of the host and its population.” I.O.C..

The benefits of the Australian application are “the interest-driven offer of a sports-loving nation”, a strong master plan with 84 per cent of existing and temporary locations, and strong support from all levels of government, the Australian people and the private sector, the report said.

“The game is seen by many governments around the world as essential to the long-term development of their countries and regions,” Bach said. “The Brisbane 2032 Olympic Plan shows how forward-thinking leaders recognize the power of the sport as an opportunity to build a lasting legacy for their communities.”

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