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Oliver Bucher to his wife: 'You're too lazy'

Oliver Bucher to his wife: ‘You’re too lazy’

Oliver Bucher wants Princess Bucher to find her way into the comedy stage. She sees it very differently.

The basics in brief

  • Princess Bucher should be on stage more often – husband Oliver believes.
  • The two then squabble on their podcast.

They love each other and fight – and everyone can see it!

Oliver Bucher (44) and his wife Amira (29) quarrelBetter On their podcast “Die Pochers hier!”. In fact, the comedian accuses a loved one of being too lazy.

pardon? You read that right.

Oliver Bucher believes that his wife should be on The theater to speak. Unfortunately, a princess does not see it that way.

“I think it’s totally cool, and exciting, if you’re fun. And I think you can totally go to the ceiling as a stand-up comedian,” says Oliver Bucher on the podcast.

You can do without it Problems Engagement from the hip. You just have to trust yourself and do it. You are too lazy! “

chrome! But the princess does not let this statement stand. She says this has nothing to do with laziness.

“yes!” Boucher said. “You’re too lazy to put yourself on stage and work on a show.”

And then the exchange of blows continues happily…

Do you think Princess Boucher should enter the field of comedy?

“Don’t assume I’m lazy,” Amira says. “I’m not in a good mood. I don’t care. Who gets up at six every morning?”

Amira explains: “I’m not lacking in will, but in interest.” “Because it’s not my job. You’ve been saying that for five years that I should get on stage.”

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