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Oliver Bucher: The fat comedian raises her hand against the comedian

A slapped in the face striker raises his hand against Oliver Bucher

‘He can’t stand it’

Oliver Bucher wants to stop the attacker’s blasphemy by slapping him. However, he takes the opportunity to deal again.

Publication date: 06/22/2022 at 15:06

The slap in the face from Fat Comedy (23) to Oliver Bucher (44) continues to cause a furore: Because the comedian is said to have hired another attorney in the case. Objective: By declaring a cease-and-desist, he wants to silence his attacker, according to Bild’s information. Pocher wants to prevent Fat Comedy from continuing to exploit the attack and create a domain with quick feedback.

However, silence is out of the question for him. He much prefers to hand out to Pocher’s last order. He complains: “Olivier Boucher of all people rises to become a public prosecutor? I have the impression that he likes to give, but he cannot stand it.” Boucher mocks influencers in his posts. “My posts are huge and harmless.”