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Oliver Bucher shoots Baby Classen - and makes a bad comparison

Oliver Bucher shoots Baby Classen – and makes a bad comparison

Oliver Bucher now sent a clear message in the direction of Pepe and Julian.Photo: IMAGO / Sven Simon

Baby and Julian Clasen’s breakup caused an outcry among millions of people a few months ago fans. Julian surprisingly announced that Bibi had broken up with him. The recordings of both were later circulated which showed them supposed new partners. So far, the 29-year-old has been confirmed in a new case Link to be. He found happiness in love with former swimmer Tanya Makaric.

Incidentally, this also gave her a massive follower boost, because she is now followed by more than 319,000 followers People on me Instagram. Not everyone liked the fact that Tanya published an advertising post shortly after the official love outing, which Julian referred to. Prompt has made itself now Oliver Bucher He mocked him and also dug into Bibi.

Oliver Bucher with a clear message

The comedian has now shared a photo of Tanja on his Instagram story, where she was promoting a fast fashion brand including a discount code. Pocher joked: “I am very happy that Pepe is finally working again and continuing every collaboration.” Remember: the Bibi Canal has been quiet. Having been in a time after the exact love of the company Advertising She did, which Tanya is now promoting and is in a good bikini mood, and hasn’t given her fans a glimpse of it for a long time. life.

Here Pocher mocks Tanja's ad contribution.

Here Pocher mocks Tanja’s ad contribution.Photo: Instagram/Oliver Bucher

picture“I mentioned about two weeks ago that Bibi is said to be not doing well at the moment. The breakup and everything to do with her love affair with husband Julian is likely causing her emotional problems. The 29-year-old is currently not bookable for new jobs and was to be retiring indefinitely. However, this has not been confirmed. Your last post is from May 28.

Julian referenced Tanja's ad on his account.

Julian referenced Tanja’s ad on his account.Photo: Instagram/Oliver Bucher

By the way, Pocher shared a second photo on his account, this time the comedian showed how Julian drew attention to Tanja’s advertising contribution and also linked it to the fashion brand. A father of five sarcastically said: “That’s right the love… share collaborations after a few weeks. ” Princess Boucher In their podcast, he predicted what their next step might be: “I suppose they’ll open a YouTube channel next year. They’re given that.”