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Oliver Bucher parodies Boris Becker in a commercial and receives criticism

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to: Marco Buselman

In a commercial, Oliver Bucher makes fun of Boris Becker on Instagram. However, the comedian’s work was not well received by users:

Boris Becker has been released again since mid-December. In fact, a London court sentenced the tennis legend to two and a half years in prison for delaying bankruptcy, but he was released less than eight months later.

Oliver Bucher parodies Boris Becker in a commercial

Barely back at liberty, Baker has to endure Oliver Bucher’s online malice. The comedian recently posted a commercial for the online car rental portal on his Instagram account. In it, Pocher meets Becker on a park bench, who plays himself.

“Boris, are you here? Awful. Do you need a car?” The comedian adds with a wink: “Everyone really gets the best rental offer, even you.” Bucher wrote provocatively under the post: “Get out of jail, onto the new fancy sleigh?”

Oliver Bucher jokes about Boris Baker – and gets criticized

If you read the comments below the post, the majority of users find the ad clip unfunny. “So this is how humor works? Work your way through someone who’s frustrated? Yeah, even if it’s their fault, you can let go at some point,” one user writes. Another comment goes in the same direction: “If someone’s on the floor, get in! Not funny!”

Another user also protects the three-time winner of Wimbledon: “In 50 years, Boris’s sporting successes will be remembered by everyone. He will remain a tennis icon. Not a single pig will remember Oliver Bucher in 15 years. Recently, the 55-year-old sent holiday greetings from the beach to his fans. (mab)