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Officially confirmed: Switzerland will receive five Airbus A350s from 2025

Officially confirmed: Switzerland will receive five Airbus A350s from 2025

Now it’s official: Switzerland receives the Airbus A350. From 2025, planes will fly from Switzerland – with a completely new cabin.

“A Christmas present for all of us,” the Swiss announced to the staff at a Christmas party on Monday evening (December 12) that the fleet would soon grow. A recent addition. The airline becomes the operator of the Airbus A350.

In a press release that has since been sent out, Switzerland has announced that it will add a total of five Airbus long-range aircraft to its fleet. The Lufthansa Group still has 28 orders for the A350-900 open. The Swiss subsidiary’s aircraft come from this order.

First class is still important

was in the beginning The Swiss still consider both the Boeing 787 and A350. But the Airbus has a decisive advantage: compared to the Dreamliner, it has a fuselage 19 cm wide and a cabin 12 cm wider. In addition, the Boeing 787 in the 787-9 version ordered by the Lufthansa Group is about four meters shorter than the A350-900.

These are important features for Switzerland, because the airline wants to continue offering first class on its planes. The larger A350s give them more room to install highchairs. Unlike many other airlines, there is a good demand for seats due to the well-paid customers of the Swiss airline. “With the planned major modernization of our long-haul fleet, we are setting an important course to ensure our competitiveness in the long term and in a sustainable manner,” said Swiss President Dieter Franks.

larger capacity

A derivative of the new long-range product recently introduced by the Lufthansa Group will also be installed in the new aircraft. There she gets First class suites for the first time in Lufthansa historyIt can be closed. It has floor to ceiling walls, its own wardrobe, dining table and full width screens. Also in the front row Business class, there are suites, kind of premium business. More seating options follow, all with driveway access.

This is how Lufthansa currently accommodates the Airbus A350-900. In Swiss, first class has been added. Photo: Lufthansa

Initially, from 2025, Switzerland will gradually replace the four Airbus A340-300s still on the route for subsidiary Lufthansa. They are compensated by five A350s. As the quad-jet has 223 seats in three classes, the Lufthansa A350-900 has 293 seats. In Switzerland, it will be lower overall, offering first place – maybe four to six places.

Also more than four Airbus A350 aircraft are possible

But in the coming years there is already another decision to be made. Switzerland will also have to gradually replace 14 Airbus A330s from 2030 onwards. So it is possible that the airline has purchased more than five Airbus A350-900s.