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Officially announced free PS4 and PS5 games

Officially announced free PS4 and PS5 games

PlayStation players with a PS Plus membership can download three games again in April 2022 and then use them without restrictions. Sony announced today.

The release date of PS Plus games in April 2022 is approaching. First of all, Sony announced the games today, Wednesday, after the forced leak that occurred yesterday.

Also in April 2022, you can expect three games with PS Plus, which you can play on PS5 and PS4 depending on compatibility. New for next month is Hood: Outlaws & Legends, Slay the Spire, and Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom – Rehydration. Here is a usual overview:

PS Plus in April 2022

Hood: Outlaws & Legends (PS4, PS5)

Spire Slaying game (PlayStation 4)

Square SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Moisturizer (PS4)

You cannot download PS Plus games for April 2022 right away. Because it won’t be activated until next Tuesday. It’s the first Tuesday of the new month and you have to keep your eyes open on this day between 11 AM and 12 PM. We will draw your attention to activation in a separate message.

In the meantime, the PS Plus games released by Sony for the current month of March are available for download. What downloads are waiting for you You can find out in this message. With the release of the April games next week, it will be gone from view. Once they remain in your library, they can be played continuously. A PS Plus membership is always required to get started.

PS Plus brings more features and is restructured

PlayStation Plus membership does not include games that can be downloaded on PS4 or PS5 at no additional cost. Offer consists of other components.

PS Plus allows access to online features for PS4 and PS5 titles. Exclusive demos, trial, bonus content, and discounts complement the offer along with cloud storage of game data. You have to pay for it About 60 euros per year.

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Starting this summer, PlayStation Plus will be restructured. A three-phase program will start, which will continue to include the previous PS Plus offering at the base level. Additional games and features such as cloud games have been added in the second and third phases. The Announcement with more details It can be found by clicking on the link. Nearly 50 percent of PS Plus users on PLAY3.DE have already mentioned it You want to upgrade your subscription.

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