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Official: Great Britain and Ireland announce EM 2028 – World Cup 2030 application schedule from the table

The football associations of Great Britain and Ireland met Against hosting the 2030 World Cup Instead decided to focus on the joint application for the European Championship 2028. The five associations – England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland – made the announcement in a joint statement on Monday.


This result is the result of a feasibility study of international competition, which explored the economic implications, aspects of football policy and the expected costs of the organization. EM’s orientation offers similar returns, but the costs to be paid are significantly lower and potential gains are realized earlier, it said.

Last year, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that Great Britain and Ireland were preparing to apply for the 2030 World Cup, and that a decision on the award would be made in 2024. However, it was criticized following the failure of the English World Cup applications for 2006 and 2018.

For the 2028 European Championships, which coincide with the 2032 finals, interested parties must register with the European Football Association (UEFA) by March 23. The umbrella organization wants to announce potential candidates in early April.