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Offenbach's kickers live: this is how the OFC fights against SV Elversberg

Offenbach’s kickers live: this is how the OFC fights against SV Elversberg

Kickers Offenbach meets SV Elversberg at Regionalliga Südwest.

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The Offenbach kickers meet SV Elversberg in Round 21 of Regionalliga Südwest. We report the game in the live bar.

Round 21 Kickers Offenbach – SV Elversberg -: – (- 🙂

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Offenbach – Round 21 of the Südwest Division 1 takes place, as Kickers Offenbach meets SV Elversberg at the Bieberer Berg Stadium. The last home game of the year kicks off on Sunday (05.12.2021) at 2 pm.

OFC meets SV Elversberg

The OFC is in the middle of the battle for promotion to the third division, as head coach Sreto Ristic takes the lead at Regionalliga Südwest. However, second-placed SSV Ulm played one game less than Kickers Offenbach. With only 12 goals conceded, Oceania has the best defense in the entire league. In terms of the number of goals scored (36), only the opponent from Elversberg (44 goals) is even better than the Hessians.

Oceania won 1-0 at FC 08 Homburg in the last round. Kickers Offenbach have so far scored 41 points from 19 games, six points more than their next opponent, SV Elversberg (35 points). Elversberg was last defeated by FC 08 Homburg with a score of 1: 2 and had to cut contact with the promotion point. In the first half of the season, the Kickers Offenbach managed to win 2-1 at Elversberg. Hermes and Bozic scored in stoppage time the two goals of Oceania.

Oceania wants to defend the championship title

Oceania’s Luca Hermes is excited to keep the top spot at Regionalliga Südwest: “In our away win at Elversberg, I made 1-0. At the time I was able to lay the cornerstone, but on Sunday I will also be happy with a decisive last-minute goal. We are glad that we We are currently leading the championship, but we can’t buy anything for it yet. It is now important to build on the recent performance that has been shown in order to defend our championship lead.”

Sreto Ristic, head coach of Kickers Offenbach, counts the upcoming opponents among the hottest contenders for promotion to the third division: “Elversberg is a team that has been working at the highest level for years and is always strengthening in a targeted manner. This year too you are a top candidate when it comes to promotion.” ( smr)